Partners and Associates

Jill Colquitt, Partner

Jill is co-founder and partner of Effective Evidence and holds honorary posts at the University of Southampton, Brunel University London and the University of Warwick. With 16 years’ experience of conducting evidence syntheses, Jill is proficient in all aspects of the design, project management, execution and reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Read more about Jill here...

Emma Loveman, Partner

Emma is a co-founder and partner of Effective Evidence and holds honorary posts at the University of Southampton, Brunel University London and the University of Warwick.  Emma has over 15 years’ experience of health technology assessment, producing systematic reviews of clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness on a range of topics. Emma has produced over 25 systematic reviews, and is competent in the design, implementation, project management and dissemination of evidence syntheses. Read more about Emma here...


David Scott, Associate

David is an independent health economist specialising in evidence synthesis, particularly network meta-analysis, indirect treatment comparisons, survival analysis, and systematic review. Currently, David is also Honorary Visiting Professor at the Diabetes Research Centre, University of Leicester. Read more about David here...


Information Scientists

Effective Evidence works closely with highly skilled information scientists.


Freelance reviewers

Effective Evidence is supported by a small but dedicated team of freelance reviewers with extensive experience in evidence synthesis.

  • Scoping
  • Protocol
  • Literature searching
  • Eligibility screening
  • Data extraction and critical appraisal
  • Data synthesis
  • Conclusions and recommendations