David Scott

David has 16 years of Health Technology Assessment consultancy experience. Most recently, he was Executive Principal, Global Head of the Health Economics and Epidemiology Practices at ICON plc. Prior to the acquisition by ICON plc he was Associate Director at Oxford Outcomes Ltd. Other past positions include University of Southampton, Fourth Hurdle Consulting (now IMS), University of Aberdeen, and the Scottish Health Purchasing Information Centre.

He has an MA Honours in Mathematics & Economics from the University of Aberdeen, an MSc in Medical Statistics from the University of Leicester, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics from the University of Tromsø.

David has experience across a range of clinical areas including: diabetes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, oncology, medical devices and diagnostics, and infectious diseases. He has co-authored over 50 academic papers, has taught numerous training courses on evidence synthesis and statistical methods, and was a member of the ISPOR Task Force on Indirect Treatment Comparisons.


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  • Scoping
  • Protocol
  • Literature searching
  • Eligibility screening
  • Data extraction and critical appraisal
  • Data synthesis
  • Conclusions and recommendations