Jill Colquitt

Jill was previously employed as a Senior Research Fellow at Southampton Health Technology Assessments Centre (SHTAC), University of Southampton, where she led and co-ordinated the production of a number of Technology Assessment Reports for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), directly informing the development of policy and guidance by the Department of Health to the NHS.

Jill has also produced evidence syntheses for the NIHR Heath Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme, the Methodology Research Programme and the Cochrane Collaboration, and has authored a number of NICE Medtech innovation briefings as part of the Birmingham and Brunel Consortium.

Jill has worked closely with clinical experts from a variety of disciplines and patient groups, ensuring the research is unbiased and relevant to the clinical community, patients and decision makers.

Jill's research has been published in national and international peer reviewed journals (see publications). The topics have covered a wide range of key health priority areas such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, hearing loss and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis to name but a few.

Jill also has experience of conducting training in systematic reviews and has a special interest in the critical appraisal and risk of bias assessment of primary studies.



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